My Lyme Success Story

After a 5 year struggle with Lyme and coinfections, I have finally regained my health through the natural healing power of magnets. I know that different treatments work for different people with this terrible disease, but I want to share my story with you to give you hope that an end is possibly in sight and to introduce you to what made a dramatic change in my health, the Lyme Magnetic Protocol.

How it Started: Symptoms

About 5 years ago, during a time of over-scheduling and stress, I started experiencing a number of strange and concerning symptoms. It started with fatigue and really bad tremors in my left hand, which progressed to hives, numbness and tingling in my hands, feet, and face, left side arm and leg weakness, light sensitivity, major muscle twitches, buzzing in my ears, major brain fog, compromised balance, a loss for words, confusion, and crippling anxiety and panic attacks. I had Lyme before, about 3 years earlier, which was misdiagnosed and under treated at the time, so I was familiar with some of the neurological symptoms associated with it. I knew this was the problem.

The Journey Begins…

I went to my doctor’s office for bloodwork to be told that I did not have enough bands show up on the test to have Lyme, and that perhaps this was stress related. I was sent to a psychologist, given a prescription for an anti-anxiety, and told to see a neurologist to rule out MS, which really frightened me! After waiting on pins and needles, the neurologist said I did not have MS, and agreed that it could be Lyme related.

Treatments, Relapses, and Success with LMP

I needed to find a doctor who could give me a accurate diagnosis and help me. At this point, I didn’t realize how difficult a task this is with Lyme. I was referred to an internist at one of the big Boston hospitals. Although he was skeptical regarding my self diagnosis, he said a spinal tap should show if I had neuroborrlieosis. The results came back positive and he put me on a month of IV rocephin. I thought I would be cured! I was so happy! It did absolutely nothing. All my symptoms remained and were getting worse. He agreed I should get to a specialist – an LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor).

Over the next 4 plus years, I tried my hardest to get well with 2 of the top Lyme docs in NY with IV and oral antibiotics, antimicrobial infusions, and herbals. Some progress was made, but my body was so weakened by the disease and the treatments, I kept relapsing. It was time to try something else, again. This time though, I wanted something easier on my body… Less aggressive… At this point, I heard about a woman in VT, named Joan Randall, who recovered from Lyme and was treating people with magnets and having great success! I read about biomagnetic pair therapy and Lyme Magnetic Protocol and decided to give it a try. I’m thrilled to say, that it worked! I’m off of all antibiotics and I have my life back again! I started the protocol in March and felt dramatically better by the summer, and just completed Lyme Magnetic Protocol training with Joan Randall. After finally finding my way back to health, I wanted to help others suffering on this journey, as well.

I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the doctors and practitioners who have treated me and supported me over the last 4 plus years. Lyme and the coinfections affect each person differently. That’s what makes it so incredibly complex and difficult to treat. There’s no “one size fits all”. You have to keep trying, and hoping, until you find what works for you.