Lyme Magnetic Protocol

Lyme Magnetic Protocol is a powerful treatment modality which targets and eliminates the symptoms of Lyme disease and its coinfections. LMP is safe and effective, and can be used with other treatment protocols like antibiotics and herbals. By placing medium-intensity magnets on specific points on the body which correspond to the problems and imbalances caused by Lyme, the underlying pH is neutralized creating an environment where pathogens can not survive. The body can then eliminate the pathogens and return to health and balance.

Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is used to identify the points where the magnets will be placed. It allows the practitioner unbiased data in order to prioritize the clients chief concerns and gives the intelligence of the body a vehicle from which to express itself. Using leg length is an easy way to gather information that has the client totally relaxed on the massage table, with no physical involvement at all. When asking questions that have a yes or no response, if the answer is yes, the right leg shortens, which can be easily seen by comparing the edge of the two heels.