I'm currently on IV antibiotics, can I do LMP too?

Yes. LMP can be used safely and effectively with antibiotics, herbals and other Lyme treatments. Personally, within 6 months of starting LMP, I was able to stop my antibiotics completely! I’m not relapsing, and I’m feeling great.

How does it work?

By placing medium intensity magnets on specific points on the body which correspond to the symptoms and imbalances caused by Lyme, pH is neutralized creating an environment where pathogens cannot survive. The body can then eliminate the pathogens and return to health and balance.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different. A recent infection may need as little as 3 to 5 treatments. An advanced stage of Lyme and coinfections may need multiple appointments to fully eliminate symptoms. For example, I had been sick for over 4 years and had a very persistent case of Lyme with many coinfections. I started in March and am close to completing the protocol,—so my situation needed about a year of treatments.

What is the cost per session?

The current rate per session is $100.

Will LMP cause a herx?

It certainly can. As you may have experienced with other Lyme treatments, LMP can cause a die off of pathogens that release toxins into your bloodstream. You may feel fatigue and/or a worsening of symptoms while your body detoxes.

What can I do to help my body detox and heal?

The best thing you can do is listen to your body! Rest, avoid stress if possible, eat healthy food, drink water with lemon, take Epsom salt baths… Those are a few things that work for me. You also may want to see a naturopathic doctor or nutritionist to help you with diet and supplements to help support your body.

Will this cure my Lyme?

LMP can fully eliminate the symptoms of Lyme and coinfections. However, due to Lyme’s complexity, every situation is different and every body is different, so that’s a tough question to answer. The majority of LMP clients report having a significant improvement. It made a dramatic change in my health. I’m nearly through with the protocol, the majority of my symptoms have faded away, I’ve been off of antibiotics for 6 months, and I’m back to the gym, riding and life!